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Ways To Gauge Your Fitness


It could be hard to assess the level of your fitness if you want to know how healthy you are or when you are starting a new exercise regimen.  Fitness is not all about how long or fast you can run, the weight you can lift or the way your body looks like when in a bathing suit.  The following tips will help you to know if you are healthy and if your body is fit.


One of the things that you should consider is the resting heart rate.  The resting heart rate could be good, implying that your overall fitness level is fine.  The number of times your heart beats in a minute assess your aerobic fitness capacity.


Secondly, you can make a mile run or a brisk walk. This test is to show the level of your cardiovascular fitness.  You should use a measurable route and then measure how long it takes you to complete one mile running.  If you do not feel dizzy while running, it indicates that you are in good fitness position.  However, if you feel dizzy, you need to work on improving your cardiovascular fitness.  Generally, you should be in a position to complete a mile in 9 minutes or less. To get facts, click here.


Push-ups are an incredible indicator of upper body strength and endurance level.  There are very many people who cannot do one proper push-up.  You ought to try the push-up to see how many you can do.  Women should aim for 12 while men should aim for 20. Here are some Protein for Fitness you must make use of.


The other exercise that you should try is the wall sit.  This workout is used to show the strength and the endurance of the lower body and the leg.  Assuming that you are seated on a chair with your back up against the wall for the longest period you can, it's a good way of assessing the fitness and the endurance of your lower body and leg.  With the knees at the right angle, breathe freely while seeing how long you can hold the position.


The other thing to look at is flexibility.  To assess flexibility, sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, then try to reach and touch your toes.  If you can't touch your toes, it does not imply that you are not fit, many people cannot reach this far.  Flexibility is crucial to overall health, therefore work on stretching each day to boost flexibility and fitness.


Balance is the other exercise that you should try.  To determine your level of fitness on this, try to stand on one foot with arms on the side in say a minute.


Plank is another incredible exercise to gauge your core strength and stability. The level of your fitness depends heavily on those deep, stabilizing muscles that are in the trunk of your body. Get more facts about weight loss at